ALI was formed with the basic aim of building a logic community in India, promoting research and education in logic, and its applications, seeking to build on the foundation provided by the annual meetings of the Calcutta Logic Circle, which have been happening for a number of years, and importantly, the first two editions of the Indian Conference on Logic and its Applications at IIT Bombay (January 2005 and January 2007), the International Conference on Logic, Navya-Nyaya and Applications at Kolkata in January 2007, and the first edition of the Indian School on Logic and its Applications at IIT Bombay in January 2006.

ALI is being registered as a non-profit Society under the Societies’ Registration Act of the Government of India

ALI expects to engage in a wide variety of activities, the primary activity being holding workshops/advanced schools/state-of-the-art seminars and conferences in various areas of logic. In particular, ALI expects to continue organizing the biennial Indian Conference on Logic and its Applications (ICLA), as well as the biennial Indian School on Logic and its Applications (ISLA) in alternate years, in India.


The broad aims and objectives of ALI are listed below.

  • Building a Logic community in India, bringing together researchers and academicians interested in Logic from all disciplines, including Mathematics, Philosophy, Linguistics, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science and other fields.
  • Fostering the growth of basic research in India on Logic, and promoting Logic education at various levels (universities as well as schools).
  • Contributing to increased interaction among logicians in India and their colleagues abroad.
  • Helping to disseminate advanced knowledge to the Logic community engaged in teaching, research and developmental activities.
  • Disseminating information about Logic to the general public.
  • Interacting with governmental agencies/bodies to identify and support (emerging) areas of Logic and its applications.

More details can be found in the ALI constitution (PDF | HTML).

ALI office bearers

ALI has an executive committee consisting of the following members:

  • Md. Aquil Khan, IIT Indore (Secretary)
  • Sankha S Basu, IIIT Delhi
  • Sujata Ghosh, ISI Chennai (Treasurer)
  • Amit Kuber, IIT Kanpur
  • Amaldev Manuel, IIT Goa
  • Sanjiva Prasad, IIT Delhi (Chairperson)
  • Manidipa Sanyal, Calcutta University

The ALI council has the following members: